Corporate Programmes

Dion Eng Cheerleading School is the only Cheerleading Vendor endorsed and authorized by Singapore Sports Council.

We have a team of qualified and experienced instructors that has been working with the corporate sector for many years. We are not just good in delivering our program but also our capability to break the ice within seconds.

Our programmes are highly customizable to help our clients achieve goals through various team bonding activities such as team games, organizing inter-department cheer/dance competition, choreographing performances/cheer for company events and other cheer related activities.

We have worked with hundreds of professionals every year and we have much to offer with our expertise; helping your team to focus on the objective on hand; strategic goal setting – understanding goals and resources; utilizing every member of the team; cultivating teamwork thru cheer routines, and last but not least understanding different work styles.
We also understand that a team is made up of many unique individuals, with the possibility of a vast age gap among the members. Rest assured that we have great experience in bridging the gap and form a better bonded team.

Our programmes will help team members understand each other better and provide the necessary guidance to promote growth as a team. We understand the needs and requirements from having delivered programs to numerous clients from the various sectors in our previous events.

If you are looking for Cheer related assistance such as Bonding activities, Coming up with performances, or Inter-dept cheerleading competition. We have it all.

There is a cheerleader in everyone and we know how to bring him/her out. Make your workplace a cheerful environment now!
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